ur family has been involved in the dairy bar industry for over 45 years, opening well over a thousand Ice Cream stores & Dairy Bars in that time frame. We were around when the very first automatic soft-serve ice cream machines were rolled-out for the world to see. We were also present at the inception of the Slush machine. Thoughout the years, our companies have established themselves internationally as innovators in the industry. Thus, it is with great pride that we introduce to you the 24 FLAVORS system.

e have developed a 24 flavor system that allows the operator to transform vanilla soft serve, or soft frozen yogurt, into one of 24 different flavors on a cone by cone basis. In other words, one customer can order a banana cone while the very next decides to have a strawberry one (It's like having twenty-four soft-serve ice cream machines all in a row!). We have included in our Web-site a few newspaper articles from the northeastern USA that mention the 24 FLAVORS system.

f particular interest is a feature on the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area's favorite Ice Cream stores. Although we have only two customers in the entire area, the stores with the 24 FLAVORS systems came in first and third out of thirty-one stores!(second place went to a store that serves hard ice cream only)
Our 24 FLAVORS concept allowed our customers, in their first year of operation, to out-perform all the long established ice cream outlets in the greater Harrisburg area.

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