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Some Questions…

1) Why is it that 7 out of 10 customers order a cone when they go to an ice cream parlor?

2) Do men go to the ice cream parlor more often than women do?

3) Does the average ice cream parlor have more children or adults as customers?

4) Why do people go to ice cream parlors?

5) How long is the ice cream season?

6) Does a 24 Flavour Ice Cream Shop sell more soft ice cream or homemade hard ice cream?

… And Some Answers!

1) There are two likely reasons why seven out of ten people would be ordering cones:

  • Because it is the least expensive item on the menu.
  • Because that is what they prefer.

What we discovered is that it is the later. People order cones because they are the most convenient format and they are what people are in the habit of ordering. We discovered this when we increased the prices of flavoured cones, and the ordering patterns did not change. Note that flavoured cones are more expensive than sundaes.

This gives 24 Flavour Ice Cream Shops a tremendous advantage over other ice cream parlors. Since while remaining competitive on vanilla cones, we have the possibility of customizing cones using flavours and delightful dips to increase our profit margins on each sale (almost doubling in some cases).

2) Women come to the ice cream shop more than twice as often as men do. Furthermore, women tend to want to try a different flavour every time they come, while men tend to find a flavour they like and stick with it.

3) More adults than children come to an ice cream parlor on an average day. Your business should be geared toward your typical consumer…women. Children are most often brought by women.

4) Build it, and they will come! People visit an ice cream parlor to treat themselves. They are not looking for nutritional value or sticker price. They are there for pure pleasure, seeking to indulge themselves in a clean, friendly place. So give them a smile and a generous portion.

5) The season starts at the end of March, and goes to mid October. But more and more shops are staying open year round.

6) Although hard ice cream outsells soft ice cream according to industry statistics, 24 Flavour Ice Cream Shops tend to sell a lot more soft ice cream than hard ice cream. The reason for this is simple, hard ice cream is available in most restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, service stations and people even have it at home, whereas places offering soft ice cream are more specialized. It is one of the few products people are willing to wait in line for.