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We are pleased to submit to you our proposal for a "24 Flavor Ice Cream Shop". Our company has been involved in the business of setting up "24 Flavor Ice Cream Shops" for the past 5 years. Over that time we have set up over 1000 "24 Flavor Ice Cream Shops". Our expertise in this field is recognized internationally.

Prior to starting the "24 Flavor Ice Cream Shops" we had been involved in setting up ice cream outlets and selling ice cream equipment. The picture (on the opposite page) has my Grand Father and my Father in it and was taken in the 1950ís. Back then, we were a regional distributor of ice cream equipment working primarily in the province of Quebec. In 1993 we developed the "24 Flavour Ice Cream Shop" and have expanded to the United States and across Canada.

The "24 Flavor Ice Cream Shop" brand is the fastest growing co-branding program in the ice cream industry. There are no franchise fees, or royalties but you do enjoy a protected area. Although there are free standing "24 Flavor Ice Cream Shops", the vast majority are co-branded with other businesses. We have found that we can successfully co-brand "24 Flavour Ice Cream Shops" with a wide variety of different businesses. This strategy makes a lot of sense because many existing businesses have unused storefront space and can accommodate a second business under the same roof.

What makes the "24 Flavour Ice Cream Shop" different is the variety and quality of the products offered. Starting with 24 flavours of soft ice cream and soft frozen yogurt, 30 flavours of low sugar Iceberg and yo-frap drinks, 12 flavors of cone dips, our special recipes for the home made hard ice cream and Italian ices.

The "24 Flavour Ice Cream Shop" concept allows you to be unique and to draw customers from farther away, as well as away from any other ice cream outlets in the area. Despite this big advantage, location is still the most important ingredient to a successful business venture. We are interested in making a success out of your business (our name is on the door too), for this reason we send our representative to evaluate whether your location is one for a "24 Flavor Ice Cream Shop". The evaluation criteria are visibility, ease of access and the appearance of the building you have selected for your "24 Flavor Ice Cream Shop." This evaluation is done for our benefit, and you should base your decisions on your own analysis and judgement, since you are the one who knows the area.

Our sincerest hope is to find the right people with whom to form a mutually beneficial relationship.

We have included two Front page newspaper articles that were done about "24 Flavor Ice Cream Shops". The article in the Harrisburg Newspaper is particularly interesting, because there are only two "24 Flavor Ice Cream Shops" in Harrisburg P.A. and one came in first and the other came in third (second place went to a dairy bar that only serves hard ice cream ). Our "24 Flavor Ice Cream Shop" concept allowed our customers, despite being open for only one season to out perform all the long established ice cream outlets in the greater Harrisburg area.

A recent survey of those ice cream outlets that were already in operation before they were converted to "24 Flavor Ice Cream Shops" indicates that in 100% of the cases, substantial increases in sales resulted from the conversion (some doubled their sales).


Best Regards,

Hugh T. Kane, Pres.