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Marketing Agreement

Both parties agree that it is the interest of all parties that taste be consistent from one 24 Flavor Ice Cream Shop to the next.

Therefore it is agreed that all use of promotional material, trade names, logos and other point of sale marketing material is dependent on the use of approved products purchased from Wadden Systems Inc. or an approved supplier.

Wadden System 24 Inc. will rent the following signage to the operator:


The monthly payment for the above signage will be ________/ month starting one month after installation(operator is responsible for installation) for the duration of the agreement. The duration of this agreement will be ____________. Operator will remit series of cheques covering the entire period of this agreement. The operator will be responsible for insuring and maintaining the signage in good order. Wadden System 24 Inc. will not be liable or held responsible for any damages caused by installation, removal, use or loss of use of signage or for any other reason including lost business, and bodily harm, or fines levied form any level of government.

Both parties agree that the 24 Flavor Ice Cream Shop operated by___________________ located at _________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

Will be the only 24 Flavor Ice Cream Shop installed by Wadden System 24 Inc. within the area defined below starting on_______________________________.

Furthermore it is agreed that any of the following events will be considered as a notice of termination of the marketing agreement by the opperator.

  1. Money owed to Wadden System 24 Inc. not being paid within agreed upon terms.
  2. Operator not using approved ingredients.
  3. Operator no longer in the business of selling ice cream.

This marketing agreement can be terminated by either of the parties at anytime. However, the party terminating this agreement will pay the other party $3,000.00 in damages. If this marketing agreement is terminated all promotional material bearing logo's and trade names will be returned to Wadden System 24 Inc. on demand.

Name ______________________________ Agent __________________
Addr. ______________________________ Date ___________________
City _______________________________ Approved by
Prov. ______________________________
Tel ________________________________ Alain Vezina, Sec. Tres.
Signature ____________________________ The _________________, 20___