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Top shops taste sweet success

We have only two customers in Harrisburg area
and they came in first and third!
By George Weigel

Whether is heaped on sugar cone or smothered in sprinkles and chocolate syrup, we love our ice cream. We eat 24 quarts of it per person per year – more than any country in the world – and about one-quarter of that total is consumed on those be-good-to-yourself visits to an ice-cream shop.
The Harrisburg area is blanketed with ice-cream shops. When The Patriot-News Co. Recently polled readers on their favorite ones, , no less than 31 different shops were mentioned.
Out of 31 shops we came #1 and #3

From the crunchy-topped "jigger" parfaits at Mount Grena’s Jigger Shop to the banana splits at Annie’s in Campbell town, midstaters clearly know what they like and where they like to go to get it.

Some people would almost rather fight than switch away from their trusty ice-cream shop, judging by the nature of some of the calls.

"I’d walk to Carlisle for a Massey’s frozen custard," claimed one caller, Harrisburg’s Sharon Madden.

For others, a visit to a favorite ice-cream shop is more than a sweet treat but a family affair or a walk down memory lane – or both, as Newville’s Gladys Henry relates:
"I’m 61 years old, and as a small child, my dad would take us to "The Igloo" on a hot summer evening or for a Sunday afternoon drive. This was always a big treat for my brother and me. I’ve taken my four children and eight grand-children to "The Igloo".

It also was clear from the poll’s 236

This article is not just the opinion of one reporter, it is base on opinion of 236 people!

calls and letters what midstaters value most in an icre-cream shop. Time and again, the phrases "friendly service" and "cleanliness" came up.It’s obvious we also like lots of different choices of flavors. The more the better.
And more than a few readers said it was "big helpings at a reasonable price" that led them to their favorite place.

So just which shops topped the poll? Three stood out.
The top vote-getter was Ice Cream Heaven, a tiny, two-window, takeout only shop at 6220 Derry St., Rutherford.

Here are the top finishers in The Patriot-News Co’s "Best Little Ice-Cream House in Harrisburg" poll:

1. Ice Cream Heaven (51 votes)
True vanilla is 28%

24 Flavors System

2. 3B Ice Cream (36)

3. Toots’Treats (35)

24 Flavors System

4. Bakin-Robbins (22)
5. Galloping Goose
6. White Moutain Creamery (14)
7. Annie’s (13)

8. Reeser’s Soft Ice Cream (10)
9. Rakestraw’s (6)

We might be eating more exotic ice-cream flavors such as "death by chocolate" and "chocolate chip cookie dough" these days, but none of them have managed yet to overtake plain old vanilla. Based on 1993 retail-sales data from the International Ice Cream Association, here are our favorite ice-cream flavors:

1. Vanilla (28 percent)

2. Fruit flavors (15 percent)
3. Nut flavors (14 percent)
4. Candy mix-in flavors (13 percent)

5. Chocolate (8 percent)
6. Neapolitain (7 percent)
7. Cake/cookie flavors (7 percent)
8. Others (8 percent)

But why not go after the other 72% with a 24 Flavors System.