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Shops savor flavor of success

Don Douglas and Kim Malatesta recently took over management of Ice Cream Heaven in Rutherford.

#1 Don Douglas and Kim Malatesta just took over the business in April, and they’ve been attracting swarms of people with a new machine that lets them make 27 flavors of new ice cream.

The machine adds flavored syrup on a per serving basis to Brookwood Farms vanilla soft ice cream. The syrup is then gently mixed in with a machine that works much like a low-speed milk shake mixer.

The shop also has eight choices of cones, 44 flavors of slush drinks ("Everything from champagne to tutti-frutti", says Douglas) and a variety of other frozen concoctions.

"Its the best thick, rich ice cream, and the people are very friendly here," said Linda Kelly of Hershey, one of the readers who voted for Ice Cream Heaven.

"You can always get a different flavor," added Sandra Mellinger of Harrisburg. "It’s very smooth and probably the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever tasted."

#2 The second favorite shop was 3B Ice Cream, which serves about 30 flavors of hand-dipped, hard ice cream at five different locations around the area.

Claude Weiss opened the first 3B shop along Peters Mountain Road northeast of Dauphin in 1969 and since then has added ones at 2199 Colonial Road in Lower Paxton Twp. (1972), at Clark and Market streets in Duncannon (1982), at 4701 Derry St. In Swatara Twop. (1989) and at Mechanicsburg’s Eastage Plaza earlier this year.

3B serves mostly Turkey Hill hand-dipped ice cream plus four flavors of low-fat frozen yogurt.

Josh Rissinger, the chain’s general manager, says its’ nothing for the Colonial Road shop alone to go through 300 gallons of ice cream on a typical summer Sunday.

"We run six windows there, and we could still use about four more," he says.

"They serve the bigtgest ‘small’ cone you’ll ever see." Said Ruth Hoffman of Harrisburg, who frequents the Colonial Road 3B. "They also have pleasant, fast service and a nice outdoor atmosphere with picnic tables and lots of parking."
"My family has loved it for years," said Hummelstown’s Beth Fitzpatrick of the Derry Street 3B. "We spend at least one night a week there…The cones are huge, the service is great, and you can sit out on the deck and cath lightning bugs when you’re done. It’s wonderful!’

#3 Finishing a close third was the Toot’s Treat shop, which sells both hard and soft ice cream at a free-standing building at 4612 Carlisle Pike, Hampden Twp.