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Top ice cream spots continues...

#3 Tom Miller just opened the shop a little more than a year ago with the idea of creating an old-fashioned, hometown atmosphere.

H’s using the same machine as Ice Cream Heaven to create 24 flavors of made-to-order soft ice cream, plus 24 flavors of no-fat frozen yogurt.

He also offers 24 flavors of hand-dipped, hard ice cream, including low-fat and sugar-free varieties. Most of the hard ice cream is Rakestraw’s.

"When I got the soft ice-cream machine,
I went from selling 65 percent hard ice cream to 65 percent soft ice cream," says Miller.

For an ice-cream shop, Toots’ (Miller’s high-school nickname) also carries an unusually large variety of soupes, sandwiches and other foods.

Besides the variety, readers liked Toots’ Treats because "you’re served by the owner and not by a bunch of kids who are working there for the summer who could care less," as one anonymous caller said.

"You can get 24 flavors and can get nonfat yogurt in the same 24 flavors" said Kathy Peifer of Harrisburg. "They give old-time, old-fashioned service. It’s a slice of the ‘50s in the ‘90s.".

Our "Best Little Ice Cream House in Harrisburg" poll showed that ice cream is not something most of uis are giving up on these non fat and calorie conscious times.

National marketing studies bear that out as well. According to International Ice cream Association data, 98percent of U.S. households still eat ice cream and related frozen desserts.

What has happened is that the industry has split into two distinct markets – those seeking lighter alternatives and those who put taste above all else.

A new survey from Baskin-Robbins, the nation’s largest ice-cream chain, fond that these two markets are now almost equal -–44 percent favor "unbridled indulgence" and 42 percent want lighter alternatives.

Woman are more likely than men to go the light route, Baskin-Robbins’s found, whole those age 25 and under (especially males) are most likely to splurge.

"People are definitely becoming more and more health-conscious", says 3B’s Rissinger. "Out of all our flavors, two of our yogurt flavors – peach and black raspberry – are in the top 10".

On the other hand, many of us apparently are still having a hard time giving up that rich, creamy , full-fat version,

"At first, we had a lot of people come in and ask if we had yogurt" says Ice Cream Heaven’s Douglas. "We’d say ‘No" and some would walk away, but most would say, "OK then I’ll have a small regular cone". So we put in the yogurt.

Then people came in and asked if we had yogurt, and we’d say, ‘Yes’. But most still said, ‘Ok, I’ll have a small regular cone’ . So we got rid of the yogurt.

Here’s what readers had to say about their next six favorite shops (in order):

Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream. 34501 Walnut St., Susquehanna Twp. "The service is great, and it’s very clean and friendly", said Jeff Straley of Mechanicsburg. "Its a nice little neighborhood ice-cream shop".

"Their ice cream tastes better than any I’ve had anywhere", said Nancy Flynn of Mechanicsburg. "We need one on the West Shore."

Galloping Goose. 100 Newberry Commons, Newberry Twp. "It’s a nice, clean little shop, and the ice cream is homemade," said Kathy Charles of Fairview Twp. "It’s a cute little place to go."

"They make their own ice cream and it’s the best around," said Laura Dubbs of Newberry Twp. "And there’s always someone with a warm smile to greet you and talk to you".

White Mountain Creamery. 3619 Simpson Ferry Road, Lower Allen Twp., and 4361 N. Front St. Susquehana Twp. "It’s all natural ice cream made on the premises" said Joe Magnelli of Harrisburg. "It’s the richest, best ice cream I’ve ever tasted…and I’ve been all over the country."

"They’ve got fantastic cantaloupe ice cream, a wonderful choice of